Jun 29, 2012

Bradford | Family

Sabrina has been a friend of our family since I was in Middle school. They lived next door to us growing up. Sabrina & Adam have been together since then. I still can't believe it. They have had 4 beautiful children together & still going strong as a couple. Sunday was absolutely perfect for a shoot. It was my first photo shoot as a pregnant lady. Nothing is different haha. Enjoy the photos.

{The Bradford Family}

{Adam (Dad) & Aarron}

{Brianna the oldest}

{Alyssa the youngest}

{Aarron the middle boy}

{Autumn the middle girl}

{All three of the oldest kids}

{All the Bradford kids}

Sabrina and her babies.
{Mama (Sabrina) & her babies}

Thank you Bradford family for letting me shoot your wonderful family. I enjoyed it very much.

My little hiatus.

Were have I been? Well me & my husband picked up our lives in Virginia & moved to Michigan. As you may know. My husband has been working & was going to school. I would like to announce though that we are................

Yup! We are having a baby Hardy : )

We found out on April 31st 2012. I took 5 tests to make sure & then  confirmed it with a doctors appointment with blood work. My HCG levels where 29 at the first draw 3 days later it was 96. The doctor's office had me wait until I was 8 weeks to get an ultrasound. On June 4th 2012 my life changed forever! I saw our little bean on the screen & cried. I am overjoyed to be a mother to our little one. 

My husband was in shock I think. He may never admit it but I believe he was. He is just now getting amped up to met our little one. I am in due in January at the beginning. Down side it will be dead of winter! UGH!  
I have so much joy & happiness that I could burst. I am nervous & scared all at the same time. I know God will bless us & be with me always. He will lead me down the right path. 

Thnx to our friends & family for being so supportive. 

Due Date: 01/13/2013
Gender: Unknown
Gestational age: 11w6d