Apr 9, 2012

Chico | Family

I had the honor of shooting this lovely little family. You may remember Franki (the only little white girl in the photo) from my previous post. This is her father's family. Her 3 little gorgeous sisters, step mother, & father. They are an adorable little family. I had an amazing time with them & I was wore out at the end of the shoot. Franki, Noelani, Aida, & Arella from oldest to youngest. Such unique but gorgeous names. Aida kept running away & getting distracted. She also is very intelligent. Noelani loves to follow Franki around & you can tell she looks up to her. Arella is her own person. She has the cutest personality. Franki is just a ball of crazyness. She loves to be in the know of everything & loves to be the mother goose.


The family. Eunice, Neftaly, Arella, Noelani, Aida, & Franki.


Daddy with all his little girls.


Neftaly with his littlest girl, Arella.


The queen of the house. Eunice is the most sweetest gorgeous mommy EVER! 


Neftaly, the man of the house.


Franki & Noelani. They are so close & Noelani really looks up to her big sister. BTW Franki speaks fluent spanish! :)


Aida, Nolani, & Franki.


Aida & her sassy little self. 

Franki Alexis | Children

My niece has not cut her hair since she was born. She is 7 years old and will be 8 in July. Her hair was so gorgeous that my sister asked if I could do a shoot for her before she cut her hair. I was honored. She is a very mature 7 year old. I want you to meet Franki Alexis. 


She begged to do a heart picture at the beach. 


I didn't have to tell her how to pose she just knew I guess. 


Look at those gorgeous locks. 


When I saw she had riding boots I about died! I love riding boots.


And it wouldn't be a shoot without a little jumping involved. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter with your families:)