About Me

             I am a Latina women from Michigan. I am a daughter of our Lord, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, cousin & a fairy Godmother. Sometimes people are taken aback from my attitude towards life. I love life to the fullest & show it! I believe life is way to short to not be laughing & loving. My name was suppose to be pronounced like I was from France. I am one of 10 brothers & sisters. I have 4 parents. I like to say I was born with a camera in hand. Photography is my life!
 To know me is to love me:)

My husband of 5 years in April! He is amazing & this photo sums him up to the tee ( no pun intended.) 
Gamer, Artist, Anime, Cartoons, Traveler, Loving, Caring, Laid back, & much much more. 


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To contact me email me at jendalynne@gmail.com