May 10, 2013

Georgia Monroe | 4 Months Old

Georgia is now 4 months old (will post 3 month old update)
*Sits up assisted
*ahhs and ohhs and screams at us
*sleeps up to 4-5 hrs a night some nights 8
*EBF tried some apples, pears, and peaches
*found feet
*puts everything in mouth
*looks for me or husband in room
*reaches for us
*darkening up
*mole on foot
*grabs everything
*rides in cars with no crying
*sleeps by herself in bassinett
*loves to stand up assisted
*loves being held in football position
*first tulip time
*likes headbands now
*doesn't mind hats
*loves music
*loves her grandpa and grandmas
*loves being outside
*loves dogs or cats
*got rid of her cats