Sep 12, 2012

What I plan on feeding baby & babies development.

Hey ladies & gents long time no talk. I wanted to update you I am 23 weeks pregnant Saturday & couldn't be more excited. I have been thinking a lot lately about what I want to feed baby when he/she may eat (that's right he/she we haven't found out the gender.) I always thought that I would give baby the Gerber food because isn't that what everyone feeds their baby? Well recently I have been researching things on blended fruits & veggies for baby. I want to make our own food & freeze it. I just feel that it is more healthier & I know what ingredients are in the food. Also I heard those foods aren't very good & if I wouldn't eat them I don't want to give them to my child. 

 Before I got pregnant I used to have all these ideas on how I want to be while pregnant. What foods I would eat, I would always exercise, and so on. Honestly though I have no time or energy to go to the gym everyday. I started a full time job and it's demanding right now. I soon will be part time and that will change. 

Right now I take a prenatal supplement like all pregnant women should. It is Brain Strong with DHA. Before that I was taking an off Walmart brand of prenatals. I did this because it was cheaper & I just wasn't that educated in prenatals. I still am not an expert but I know what my baby needs now. Since I have been taking the vitamins I have felt so much better & all around have more energy but this is not about that. I wanted to try a prenatal that would benefit me & baby. Not just now but in the long run as well. We read to our babies in utero, sing to them, etc; why not give them the best vitamins they need before they are born? They say that on average, pregnant & nursing women in the U.S. consume 60-80 mg of DHA a day, from food and drink, which is only 20-25% of the recommended intake. I admit I probably don't have the best diet & probably don't get as much nutrients & vitamins through my foods. 

Kids are learning so fast this day in age we can give them a little boost with Brain Strong DHA. Baby depends on their mother for its supply of DHA. I always said I want my kids to be like how my niece was. She could tell you her address & phone number at the age of 2. I could have hour long conversations with her at this age. I just loved it. I want to do everything I can to make my baby brain strong. I play baby music & read to baby because I enjoy it & I hope so does baby. If we can start benefiting our children earlier I think that is amazing. If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant I recommend these. They are a little big in size and they come in two capsules. A gel capsule which is the DHA supplement for baby & then a hard pill which is the multivitamin. I also take a b12 vitamin with them as well. 

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