Jul 1, 2013

Georgia Monroe | 5 months old

Georgia is now 5 months old. (Actually she'll be 6 months old on the 5th eek)
*Sits up by herself at first for only a few seconds now
she can sit up alone for more than 10 minutes at a time
*Says nananana
*Blows raspberries a lot more now
*reaches for mama more than anyone
*Still breastfed
*Sucks thumb
*Has a white patch on right side for tooth
*Rolls front to back and back to front
*Can scoot backwards
*Turns off/on light switch
*Loves animals
*Has been babysat by both grandmas only
*Went swimming for the first time
*Went to the zoo for the first time
*Went strawberry picking for the first time
*Sleeps in pack n' play now instead of bassinet
*Sleep until 11-1130a sometimes 1pm
*Bed time is at 9-930
*Went to Chicago for the first time

Foods Georgia has tried:
Sweet potatoes
Sweet peas
Rice Cereal
We no longer give her solids and will hold off for a few more months. I don't believe she is ready to eat solids yet.

size 1 shoe

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