Jun 14, 2011

First plane ride.

June 8th was my first airplane ride EVER! We have been driving from Virginia to Michigan for as long as I have lived away from family. it was 774 miles to Michigan & vice versa. Hardy hates driving he hates having to stop for gas, eat unhealthy, etc; So I finally mustered up the courage to purchase our tickets to fly the 1 & 1/2 hour trip to Michigan on the plane. We flew out on Wednesday at 920pm from BWI. The part I hated the worst was the feeling you get in your stomach it is not that bad but bad enough lol. When we were going to land I was not a where so I freaked out & grabbed the guys hair in front of us lol Hardy had to yank my hand back so the guy didn't go bald. Our plane was empty pretty much & it was smooth. We landed around 11pm got our rental car & off we went. The departure flight was not that bad at all. It was packed but none the less good. Turbulence was a little rough going down but it was ok. We landed back in Baltimore around 415 because the flight was 20 minutes delayed. Which was fine. All in all the plane ride was good I got to sit next to Hardy both ways we had the two seater which was awesome!! & the views were amazing. I was a little nervous to snap photos. The night view was amazing & the day view awesome as well. Fields, softball fields, highways, and clouds. Gorgeous.:)

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