Sep 17, 2011

Pinterest finds.

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How amazing is this photo? I love the fact they incorporated umbrellas into the picture & making the bridal party look like they are flying. What I love most about this picture is the fact that it has the perfect background.

This picture is absolutely gorgeous. I love that it is not your typical wedding photograph. The photographer captured the shoes & dresses. The color scheme of the wedding party is amazing.

oh....this picture makes me smile. They turned an abandon building structure into a perfect picture for the wedding party. The dresses that the bridesmaids are wearing are out of this world fabulous.

Source: None via jenda on Pinterest

The flower girl & ring boy holding this frame is gorgeous. I would have never even thought to frame the bride & groom with the assistance of the bridal party.

Can I point out the fact that their hair is amazing. All the curls...gorgeous. Those bows on their dresses AMAZING! This picture just makes me scream inside! Lol I love that the photographer thought of this. I don't think any weddings I have done the bridesmaids had flowers also. But I'll keep this in mind.

This couple is beautiful. I love that they took this building & turned it into the background. With a larger bridal party it is harder to position everyone perfect. This is genius. Also it is harder to photograph the party because people close their eyes & make funny faces. So this keeps them at a distance but you can still make out who everyone is.

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  1. i love the last one so cute! i like the natural look a lot