Mar 12, 2012

Moving day | Bye Bye Virginia

February 24th my father, older sister, & little brother came down to Virginia to help us pack up our belongings & move to Michigan. It is a chapter closed in our lives that makes me a little sad. I moved to Virginia from Maryland in 2010 to be closer to my job. I got let go from my position & it was the perfect time to move back to where we are from. The good ole' state of Michigan. We had juggled around the idea of moving to Michigan for over a year. It was a go then a no then a go and then another no! Finally when the opportunity arose we jumped at it. My family was so supportive & willing to help us in any way. My family arrived Friday night & we packed over night & was on the road by 11am Saturday morning. My father was not having us lollygaging around lol. It was a great experience because I had to pay for gas for 4 cars, ride 14 hours with 2 cats, & deal with freezing weather. It was errr loads of fun! Here are a few photos from the move.


We picked up the budget truck & we got ripped off!!! I should have just went with Uhaul! Website said $320 for 4 days unlimited milage.....but I ended up paying $578 altogether!! Yea not happy!!!


My brother in a full truck!! Bye bye......


My father & brother loading the rest of the stuff in.


The hubby dumping all the trash & locking up.

Bye bye Virginia it's been real! A lot of good times. I made a lot of memories living down there & enjoyed it but now it's time to be with my family.


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