Mar 6, 2012

True Love | Vox Box Influenster

I heard about Influenster on I can't remember the guru's name off top but I remember Influenster. What the company does is round up all social media influencers to share their lifestyles with other influencers. When you sign up you get badges for social media sites you participate on. A few of them are blogger, youtube, twitter, etc; When you receive badges you have an opportunity to receive a Vox Box. Sound mysterious? It is!!! It's also exciting!

I missed the holiday Vox Box so I signed up to get the Love Box. Influenster will send you an email when the boxes are ready & they will ship about 2 weeks later. I got mine about 2 weeks after. Fast shipping for the east coast for sure. Yesterday my lovely mysterious box came. They don't tell you what's in the boxes before they ship them. 

Here are the things I received:


Stashes Herbal tea: $3.50
9 flavors
Acai Berry
Blueberry Superfruit
Cinnamon Apple Chamomile
Lemon Ginger
Licorice Spice (yuk)
Mango Passionfruit (yumm Mango)
Wild Raspberry Hibiscus


Kiss nail dress: $6.99
56708 KDS10


Gillette Venus & Olay: $8.99-$10.99
5 blades & Olay
Moisture bars


Ghirardelli Chocolate: $2.99
Creamy Devotion
Plus a dollar off coupon on any 2 bars.


Trivia: $3.99
Calorie Free Sweetener

Let's talk about the juicy deets. So basically I love all of the stuff they sent. It was like they knew me! I already us Venus so the blades & extra razors were a plus! The sweetener I have been wanting to try out. I have plenty of fruits to put it on & in my tea. The tea, ahhhhh, I love tea I have been drinking a lot of tea lately. It is calorie free & gives you energy. Ghirardelli chocolate is my favorite. It is by far the best chocolate I have tasted it. The Kiss nail art I am excited to try it. I have never bought it because it is over priced for stickers. I believe. 

All in all I am happy I participated in this & will in the future. They do vox boxes every holiday I believe or quarter. I am not sure but go on over to their site & sign up. :) 

All opinions are my own. I was not compensated in anyway, shape or form.

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