May 19, 2011

Hello Bloggy friends

Hi my loves,

My name is Jenda & I am an aspiring photographer. If I could even call myself that because I just do shoots on the weekends & as a hobby basically. I am a self taught photographer from Michigan who currently lives in Virginia [I say currently because my dream is to move to Florida one day.] I live here with my husband & two fur babies. Sorry I like to talk about other stuff than what I really should be talking about. <<< there I go I have been doing photography since I was around 15 years old. I shot with a Canon back then & enjoyed it. I shoot with a Nikon now but we will get into that later. I was part of a youth group back than & they had options of what you could sign up for & I chose photography. It was not digital back then. We used a dark room & all that jazz. Honestly I wouldn't mind using one now. I stopped doing photography as I got later into my teens because of boys & what have you nots. Of course boys duh what did you think I was not boy crazy at 15 hahaha.

The point of this blog is to connect with other photographers & potential clients. Its for me to keep track of people coming & going so I know how relevant I am to society, basically. Isn't that how people do business these days? I work a full time job & do photography on the side so bare with me as I make posts & put on photos. I do my best as a full time worker & student. Oh, & as a wife to my wonderful hubby but we will talk about him later. :)

I hope you loves have a beautiful night where ever that may be. I look forward to connecting with you all through my work.


  1. YAY so excited you started a blog woohooo!

  2. I am so excited!! Thanks a lot ruby.