May 21, 2011

Surprise Announcement.

In a few days I will be announcing a surprise for all my fans on Facebook.
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This photo was taken at the Tomb of the Unknown Guard in Washington, D.C.
Equipment it was taken with was Nikon D60, lens was 55-200mm.
I had taken my husband up to class that day & figured i'd waste time. I have never seen the sight before & we have lived in the DMV area for 4 years already. I arrived a little early since the changing of the Guard was not until noon. I snapped a few pictures of the cemetery. When I finally came to the Tomb I was speechless [trust me that never happens]. The way he was swift in movement, never moving out of beat. So precise & [I will not say elegant for a soldier] but he was smooth. I recommend this sight for anyone who visits in D.C.
The Changing of the Guard was even better. I will post pictures of that later on.

Have a blessed & beautiful day.

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