May 26, 2011

Life decisions.

I am deeply sorry for not blogging in a few days. I know I have been tossing some ideas around & going back in forth. I think a lot of artists struggle with this thing I am feeling. I am currently doing pre-reqs for Nursing [which I was a goal of mine] but have been dealing with do I really want to do Nursing for the rest of my life. Part of me wants to do photography for ever. I love the passion I have for photography. I don't think I will love any other job as I do photographing people. I wanted to use Nursing as my fall back. I know I should not think negatively about my career. But the economy you never know where we will land.

I have been tossing around the Nursing thing for a year now & still have not done anything about it. I keep on doing school thinking I will just forget about it & become a Nurse. I love patients & I love the idea of being a "Nurse" & helping people. It is a big life decision. I have a lot of goals to set for myself as a photographer & as a Nursing student.


  1. I say go for it. If you have the mentality for it and you can go through all those hards classes do it =)