Aug 28, 2011

Don't fret bloggy friends

I have not left for good. We had a lovely Hurricane pass our way but not before a lovely little Quake who decided to terrorize us with its presence. As some of you may know I live in Virginia & we had a 5.9 earthquake on Tuesday August 23. It was not fun & I am frankly a little traumatized from it. Then this weekend we had to endure the pain from Irene. Nothing to bad some really wet grass & our siding of our apartment fell off.

So a week ago I had the pleasure of interviewing a friend near & dear to my heart Francis "Stack" Evans. He is an artist who raps. He is a local artist & I wanted to let his fans know where he came from & why he does what he does. Now it is not in my normal to do this kinda thing. I actually approached him & I think I made him nervous lol. He didn't really, nor did I, what I wanted out of this. I have the interview recorded on my lovely IPhone & will be blogging it tomorrow. I have been busy (excuse) with all
this crazy weather, school, work, blah blah blah. Ya know the works!

With the interview I shot some photos to go along with it. I also contacted a local artist back home from Michigan as well. his name is Ray P. I will do his photos once I arrive home back in Michigan. He has the series of questions & will email them back to me.

I had the pleasure to photograph & interview a awesome Nurse from my job. Maisha & her son Brady was so awesome! I thank them for hiring me to be their photographer for the day at the park. Brady was not having it. He was not happy with the bubbles, magnet board, or heat! He was in fact happy with the park! Oh, & batman. Maisha is a single mother by choice. She has been through 2 divorces & chose to go to
a sperm bank for a baby. I will get into that in her interview in a few weeks!

Stay happy & healthy (oh health mine is very bad! I need a gym in my life)


(P.s) Check out the new logo! :)


  1. I'm the 1st Jenn thanks for everything much love homes for life!

  2. Your welcome!! I am editing it now! :) Its gonna be a long while lol. Thanks so much for letting me interview you.