Aug 11, 2011

New Project.

I have been a little MIA mainly because its hard for me to get motivated these days. With working full time its hard to find time to blog, shoot, school, and even think sometimes(insert a million excuses here). This summer has been super busy. I am not complaining though. Tomorrow my sister & little brother fly in from Michigan to spend a few days with me & the hubby. I am so ecstatic. I have 6 days off 2 unplanned but nonetheless.

On to the new project I want to start working I have been very active on twitter lately(@jendalynne) & have been doing twitter parties....well it got me thinking about my blogging & what I want out of it & my photography as well. I have a friend who happens to be an artist in Michigan. He was letting inquiring minds know if they would like to interview him to contact him & I jumped at the opportunity. Why? Because I can work on my photography & writing. I plan on asking him a series of questions & photographing him in his surroundings. I like the natural stuff. I got to thinking this probably would be called photojournalism but than again what do I know. I have a few other stories I want to document & shoot. I figure if I can add a picture to the interview that would be amazing. Plus I am way better at photography than writing. That's another thing, writing, I need to work on that. I may need to take another course in college on writing.

This leads me to what do I want? hmmmm I am 23 & still have no clue what I want out of life as far as a career. Is that bad? Oh gosh!! I know I tossed around being solely a photographer but what is the fun in that when there are so many stories to be told behind the pictures. I figure the 2 go hand in hand.

I have to give a s/o to my husband on sticking with me through my change of minds. lol

As far as Nursing its going>.<

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