Aug 30, 2011

Where I came from?

WOW I think I have been asked everything under the sun, even this question. But I have never really gave it any thought. I never thought about where I really came from. I could tell you I came from Michigan and ended up in Virginia but is Michigan where I really came from? I lived there, my family is there, my love is there, and my culture is not there. My culture is from Mexico. I don't think I could qualify Mexico as where I came from. Mexico is where my grandmother is from and Texas is where my father, aunts, and uncles are from.

Where I came from? I came from Michigan. That is where I physically came from. It is where I go to be free from fear. It is where I go to feel loved.

Where I came from? I came from two beautiful people who would give their life for me. They would give me their last shirt off their back. The last money in their pocket.

Where I came from? I came from education. I worked hard through high school to prove to people I was not the stereotypical Spanish person.

Where I came from doesn't defy where I am going!

I started blogging back when I became a military spouse but I didn't have enough to blog about. I was not the typical military wife. I wasn't involved with parties, events, etc; you might say to yourself why? Don't you love your husband? Weren't you proud of his services? Yes and Yes! My husband's job didn't defy who I was! I didn't want to be connected to his rank or rate. I am very proud my husband serves for our country!

I got into photography back when I was 15. Fast forward to 2008 my wonderful husband bought me the greatest gift that money could buy. A camera, Nikon at that! I started my photography blog this year. I did so because I wanted to share my shoots with you all. I wanted you to feel what I feel the moment I click. I wanted to show you what I see. I see beauty everywhere and in everything! My friend over at Growingupblackxican influenced me to blog about my photography journey.

I have been influenced by many blogs and many photographers. I try to blog about every shoot I do to keep my followers interested in my work. I want them to know what happened between the shots. How we got the client dressed, to what was said during the shoot to make them laugh.


Since my blog just started I don't have many followers. I believe a lot of people think they have to have a blog to comment my blog. I have made it clear that they don't. I believe blogalicious will help me step out of my comfort zone and make friends from places I have never been. Blogalicious will bring traffic to my blog and bring me together with other bloggers. I love meeting new people and Latina people at that!

Thank you BeBlogalicious and Latinabloggerconnect for giving us this opportunity.

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  1. Yay I can't wait to hug you and enjoy Blogalicious together!!! When i hear you speak about photography you light up. I know your passion is deep and you will go very far. Follow your heart twinny!