Oct 30, 2011

I won a contest? Nah.

So the other day I was hanging out on Twitter & my friend Ruby was tweeting about a party for Verizon. I usually don't get into twitter parties only because I worked night shift & was busy. Since I don't work anymore (another story) I decided why not? Verizon was introducing their new Spanish side of Verizon. Verizon is working with the Latino community by donating scholarships, Spanish language programming, putting their Twitter & Facebook in Spanish, & their own website in Spanish. "We are Verizon- Somos Fios." I began working my chubby little fingers on my phone keeping up with the tweets (which go way to fast in parties btw). I switched to my laptop because it's hard to keep up with twitter parties on a smart phone (which isn't so smart). Verizon tweeted about the prizes that they where to give away:

* iPod Nano Shuffle (retail value $161)
* Dr. Dre Solo Headphones (retail $192)
* Home Karaoke Machine (retail value $335)
* iPad 2 (retail value $570)
* iPad 2 (retail value $570)

Of course I had my little heart set on the iPad 2. My iPhone 4 is serviced by Verizon & (I am a Mac all the way) I love my services with Verizon. When I found out I was heading to Blogalicious I was going to buy my iPad 2 so I could take notes on it of course ;) but the money I was relying on to purchase it fell through & then I ended up losing my job! So I went to Blogalicious without my iPad 2. I was envious of all the iPads getting pulled out of cute purses & lovely bags. They came in such cute covers. I recall one of the ladies I met actually lost her iPad 2 & someone put it in the lost & found! Chivalry is not dead!

While in the twitter party we answered questions about the music we listened to & currently love. I love that topic because I have music flowing through my veins. The twitter party was hosted by LatinaMomBloggers. Lovely ladies BTW. The question that won me my iPad 2 was:

"Q4: What channel is ESPN Deportes located on in the FiOS channel lineup?"
My response: 1520 ESPN

And a few minutes pass by as we answer questions & talk to one another. It was very high pressure. @JollyMom was picking the winners & said it was a high pressure job lol. & then it happened. My mentions blew up & I was getting texts & emails! I won I WON! My prize? My sweet new baby, iPad 2!

I want to thank Somos Fios for my prize. The lovely ladies who hosted the party:

I got a email yesterday saying it was in the mail!
I will blog a picture of my new love.


  1. Ha! Congrats on your win :) See you never know

  2. I know my lucked turned around lol. Thanks.:)