Oct 2, 2011

Loves & loathes.

My new weekly postings will be my loves for the week and my loathes. Along with my pinterest finds! First and foremost I hope everyone had a wonderful week. I on the other hand did not. This week has been one of the most painful and difficult weeks of my life. It started out good with a trip to Michigan to visit the family. I went knowing my Aunt who was like a mother to me would pass soon. She was diagnosed with COPD back in December of 2010. She was a wonderful women. She passed away on Wednesday September 28th 2011. A day after we arrived back home in Virginia.

*Michigan breeze
*Apple orchards
*Long car rides with the hubby
*Family cooking for me:)
*Sister time
*Father and Mother time
*Shaving my Aunt's leg's lol

*Car rides leaving Michigan
*Dirty apartments

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