Oct 29, 2011

Loves & Loathes. (10/29)

This week has been freezing in Northern Virginia. My poor cats are hiding under every piece of clothing they can find. They both slept with us last night, thats unusual. I even heard it snowed in NYC today. BRRRRRR. I came back from there this morning & I didn't think it was cold enough to snow but hey who am I to judge! Speaking of NYC that brings me to my loves & loathes for this month.

*cuddling up with a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate (peppermint of course)
*Big sweaters & UGGS
*Halloween movies
*Paranormal Activity (all 3)
*Uncrowded movie theaters
*Latinas getting together for a cause
*All the good smells in NYC
*NYC skyline (I could look at it all day)
*Latism's billboard in Time Square

*People who think they are rubbermaid & walk in front of your car in NYC
*Taxi drivers in NYC (you are no fun)
*Hailing a taxi in NYC (not friendly)
*Rushing to get somewhere (why the rush people)
*All the bad smells in NYC
*Traffic in the Lincoln Tunnel
*New Jersey turn pike!

I hope you all have a great Halloween & get your snuggies, cup of Joe (which ever guy you perfer ;] ) & snuggle.

P.S. Check your children's candy you know there are creepers out there!

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