Oct 29, 2011

My SWAG from Blogalicious 11'

Amongst making awesome friends at Blogalicious 11', I got some pretty awesome stuff from the expo. I also got items from the events they had going on at the conference. They not only gave you stuff but they informed us of neat organizations going on. Some of these programs are helping the community that are less fortunate. To name a few Aunt Jemima, Gain, Covergirl, Johnson & Johnson, & McDonald's. The events where well planned & they had some pretty neat stuff they gave us. Covergirl gave us makeove
rs, while Kmart & Sears gave the women massages & I won a fondue maker ;). Hanes was also there, they handed out tanks, underwear, & bras to kick off Blogalicious.

Gain supplied us with samples of their new scent booster Firework (I did 3 loads of laundry when I got home lol) and a few dryer bars. McDonald's put coupons in that neat fry bag you see there & at their party they gave us masks with McD's necklaces, USB memory stick, & they had a PHOTOBOOTH! Yes! Aunt Jemima sent us with an awesome late breakfast for dinner mmmmm, an apron, recipe book, and pictures with Aaron "Big Daddy", Whirl pool filter water bottle (I am obsessed). Johnson & Johnson gave us sample size lotion, tooth brushes, chap stick and band aids. I got a few samples of nokernal popcorn (delicious) & Opensky's snacks.

Que Rica Vida gave us aprons & let us do an interview with them about Halloween. When we get the video I will post it here or link it. The rest of Aunt Jemima stuff. USB memory stick & grocery list.

Susan G. Komen had reps their that supplied us with face masks, bracelets, pedicures, manicures, & a lot of snacks. :) The rest of the Johnson & Johnson supplies with the pink bag. Ubisoft let us in on the new Xbox Kinect game "Just dance 3" We had a blast! There are a few pictures out there floating around of me :/ eek. I got a sweet 80's head band with sunglasses & a awesome disco ball! To bad no dancing shoes! Our dance team was named " Virgin Wives" lol

& last but not least.....My OpenSky Tee I am in love with! It's so comfy. When we visited the OpenSky booth I had no clue what or who it was? Caitlin introduced us to the company & explained what they where about. I loved the shirt because it was fitting & the ladies I was with where all different sized & it fit us well. The scarfs are to die! P.s. their snacks are yummy too!

"Your “Yes!” might be another woman’s “Hell, no!”"

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