Jan 14, 2012

I must {ache} you a question | DIY

I can't remember for the life of me what blog I found this on. Then again it could have been Pinterest. Which btw I am obsessed with but who isn't. You can find me on there HERE. Enjoy. 

So below I will tell you how to make these adorkable mugs. :)

Step one:
Print off a mustache outline ( I had hubby draw me one since these mugs are super little)

Step two:
Have white mugs or whatever color you'd like. I decided to go with these white ones because I never use them & they where laying around. 

Step three:
I used a permanent marker but I guess you can get these pens that are specially made for ceramic. 

Step four:
Outline your staches where you'd like them on your mug. Repeat this for however many mugs you have. 

Step five:
You are suppose to bake them for 40 minutes to set the marker.

Step six:
Enjoy your stache family. :)

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