Jan 24, 2012

We are moving | Michigan

I am happy to announce we are moving! We have decided to move back to Michigan to be with our families. Well mine, Hardy's family lives in Georgia. I am so happy, nervous, anxious, etc; I am tempted to pick up & move NOW! There are several reasons for the move:

1. Money
2. Family
3. School
4. Army

I am way exited about this.

(Taken January of this year)

Even though we will be moving back to this :( (the snow) I will be able to see the man in the pic's face more!! My dad!!!:)

I am a little upset I will lose a few clients but I am happy I met them & my business will only grow. I have more opportunity in Michigan with more clients because I know a lot of people. That's an excuse haha I know people here too. I will probably blog on & off in the next few months only because I am going to be super busy. Sorry:(
I have a few shoots in February that I can't wait for.

(One of my first photos in Michigan)

Hello Michigan good bye Virginia. 


  1. Clients will find you no matter where you go.

  2. YAY!!! I need to visit home so you can take my pictures on LAKE MICHIGAN!!!! and all the awesome spots in HOLLAND!!!! Being military I would love photos like that for us!