Nov 20, 2011

5 things you don't know about me

1. I am 1 out of 10 brothers & sisters:) I am thrown in the middle somewhere. I grew up with 6 of them. The other's are adopted to amazing families & we all keep in contact. 

2. Mexican & White are my ethnicity. My mother is White & my father is full Mexican from Mexico. He moved to Texas when he was a young lad & then my grandmother moved to Michigan to make a better life for her family which consisted of 13 aunts & uncles. (holy HANNAH MONTANA!!!)

3. I am OBSESSED with Marilyn Monroe. I know most people "like" her but me I took it to the extreme! Why? I don't know I fell in love with her back in 05' for some reason. Her character & personality just caught me. I have salt & pepper shakers, photos, posters, shirts, etc of her. I own books galore, magazines, & other things. I just love her & the way she didn't care about any one's opinion about her. Who's excited about (One week with Marilyn) November 23rd it comes out!!! I will be there woot!

4. I flew for the first time EVER on June 8th, 2011. I know I am a newbie haha. I was terrified & we booked our flight to go home & see our God son get baptized. I had to go there was no turning back! Plus I was not going to waste my money:) It wasn't that bad & I wished I would have did it long ago. I have since flew ALONE to Chicago & did amazing! 

5. I have never been under anesthesia or had any major surgery! (Thank our good Lord) I have been super blessed. 

I tag all of you who have a blog & who read this to do it:) link me back to it.

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