Nov 5, 2011

Q & A's #1

My friend Dania posted this on her blog & I decided to take the challenge :)

What’s the first thing you saw on your partner when you met?
How short he was. 5'8 (that's not short but I expected taller)

Where would you like to go on a honeymoon?
To Hawaii or Cabo San Lucas

Do you consider yourself adventurous?
No. I am a chicken but I guess it depends what it is.

Do you have a personal secret you’ve never told anyone?
Yes. I am not telling....shhhh.

Beach or pool?
Beach I would live at the beach if I could.

Summer or winter?
Fall :) I love the colors & the smell in the air.

Kisses or hugs?

Kisses & hugs:)

Sweet or salty?
Sweet & salty mmmm best thing EVER!

Strawberry or chocolate?

Black or white?

Once you go black you never go back;) just kidding but Black it is slimming

Favorite color?
Brown & Hot pink

Favorite movie?
Ace Ventura Pet Detective.

Favorite board game?
Chutes & ladders.

Favorite drink?
Water I love it I can drink it plain all day long!(boring I know)

Favorite cocktail?
Parrot Bay Coconut rum, pineapple juice, with Bacardi 151

Favorite month?

What’s the first thing you think when you wake up?
I gotta go to the bathrooooom.

Would you forgive being betrayed by your partner?


How many times you let the phone ring before picking up?
2 times. Or right away depends if I have to think about who's calling me.

Do you know how to keep a secret?

Do you tell your real age?

Do you consider yourself shy or extroverted?
Extroverted. I am a talker yup!

What’s underneath your bed?
Boogyman.....jk....a few cats..boxes & my laundry baskets.

Have you ever missed school/work because of the weather?
Never I am from Michigan I can drive in anything!

How long you’ve had this blog?

For 7 or 8 months.


  1. Jenda! I definitely WOULD NOT categorize you as "timid." You're a live-wire!

  2. Jenda, I love Chutes and Ladders too! I remember my father got it for us when I was a kid. I will get one for my kids as soon as they are old enough to play it. I cannot believe you've never missed school because of the weather, especially since you are from Michigan. Love that you decided to participate. Hugs & Kisses you way. ;D

  3. Ezzy your right! I am a live wire WEPAAAA lol

  4. Dania I could play that game for hourse! I still played it even recently lol