Nov 29, 2011

Drivers Training | 2013 Ford Escape

Back when I was 14 years old & a few months my crazy parents decided to put me & my sister who was also 14 & some change into drivers training (crazy I know.) Drivers Education was during the Summer for 2 months. What? That was my whole Summer almost. Well I didn't care I was going to be able to drive to school the next year. Little did I know I'd be driving a big ol' van! Anyways so the students drove around in a the parking lot of the high school with a variety of cars. I always chose the Ford Escape. I grew up with Ford my whole life. My parents always owned or leased a Ford. I actually know the guys that work at our local Ford Company (small world.) We have had a Taurus, Contour, Mustang, & a lot of their trucks.  Actually my graduation present was a Contour, which I loved!! Gosh I always get side tracked. 

My car that I test drove on was a 2003 Ford Escape that was white. I ended up passing my drivers ed. course, of course! My Aunt actually owns the 2010 Ford Escape that she got in 2010. She drives her SUV from the mountains in Pennsylvania to Michigan every few weeks to see her husband. She works as a Geologist in the mountains & needs a reliable car to get her through the rocky terrains. As most of you may know Michigan's is a hand free state & the Ford Escape is all hands free. You can voice texts & calls.

My Aunt demonstrates below how to work the gadgets inside the SUV.

  & here she is proudly in her Ford Escape.

It has came a long way since 2003!

The 2013 Ford Escape has seats that are made from soybeans!! WHAT??? When I read the features I was amazed! No joke. The floors are made from post industrial fibers from recycled plastic bottles. The Escape was designed for air resistance. The vents on the front of the grille close to trick the air & reduce aerodynamic drag. 
The lift gate on the back of the Escape ( I can't even I was to excited & I don't even own one!!) lifts on it's own when you place your foot underneath the bumper. It helps you parallel park when needed. It has a push-button start. 
The back seats can be folded down to transport large cargo or small. It can tow up to 3,500 pounds with trailer sway control. 

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Disclaimer: The Ford Motor Company sponsored me to go to Latism 2011 Conference & all opinions are my own as always. 


  1. That's what I love about Ford Escape; year after year, its features gets upgraded and improved especially the voice recognition and hands-free call. I wish I have a chance to test-drive its present model so that I can try the MyFord Touch.

  2. I think putting you in driving lesson at the age of 14 is their tradition.Well that is really effective but i agree its weird.Good article anyway.

  3. WoW ! It's pretty amazing! I heard a lot about Ford Escape, but definitely seeing the vehicle’s computer system in action is just so great! This is what I call safe driving – you don't even have to hold your phone just to dial the person you wish to call while you are driving. It really deserves a spot to be on top of the line.