Nov 3, 2011

Toyota Hybrid...Never thought we'd be so Eco friendly.

When my husband came home & wanted to buy a car I never thought I'd be singing a loud to Adele in a Toyota Hybrid. We went to the Toyota dealer around the corner from our house. Ron Rosner (p.s. our fav dealership) who sold us our Mazda 3. The husband always went off on tangents about Toyota this, a Toyota that. At one point he was talking about getting a truck. Whattttt????? I thought no way bro. That will increase our carbon foot print by 109834398 million. We already live in a polluted state as it is. We live in Virginia, which people travel from Richmond to DC every day. I remember driving through DC when I traveled to get to work & home. I used to get runny eyes and it was hard to breathe. Well that's a different story.

The day we went to pick out his car....the one I drive him around in...(yea that one) he already knew the car he wanted. The Toyota Camry, now I never knew Toyota even had a Hybrid Camry. I am not a car person I just drive in one to point A & B & C & D, well you get the point. He walked right up to the black Hybrid Camry sitting in the hot 100 degree Virginia weather &
said this one! As he pointed with his finger. Now me being a women I questioned him. "Are you sure? I mean you're going to have this car probably for a long while." There was a regular Camry next to it. He said "I am SURE! I want this one!" "OKKKK" I said.

The car dealer practically wrapped up the car in a bow. He explained all the ins & outs of the Hybrid we where now proud owners of.

Some ways we stay green in our household is:
1. Turning off lights when we are not in the room
2. Using a reusable water bottle
3. Drive a Toyota Camry Hybrid
4.Turn off water while brushing our teeth
5. Also turn water off while washing dishes

While growing up some of the things we used to do is:
1. Keep our thermostat below 70 degrees
2. Recycled
3. Brought our soda cans in to the store for 10 cents(Michigan)
4. Keep water usage to a minimum

It's a lot harder to recycle here in our neighborhood because we have to collect our own & than drive it to the recycling place. But we recycle where we can.

We don't own Earth we are only here for a short while. We need to keep it clean & neat for the next generations.

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