Nov 7, 2011

It's the holiday's already???? Hold the phone.

Holy Hannah Montana where did the time go? I seriously can't believe that it is November 7th already! It got cold quick & dark quicker! How cold is it from where your at? Virginia has it's days sometimes it is cold & other day's it is warmer! Mother nature can't make up her mind at all! I had a family Christmas/Fall shoot this weekend & they brought Santa hats! Yes, I can't believe it. Walmart is shoving Thanksgiving down our throats like nobodies business. I walk in & a turkey practically greets me at the door. LOL. I am so not ready for this year to end. It had it's ups & downs. I will tell you this though 2011 has been a good year thus far. I have met some amazing people & had some good times.

The other day I was driving down by the river here & the colors where amazing! So many colors it was unreal. I went to look for spots to shoot at with families, couples, babies, etc; I love this time of year for shoots. The air smells amazing, the trees look wonderful.
Is your families ready for the holidays?
Do you travel to go see family?
What is your favorite holiday?
I hope you set your clocks back as well & didn't get up late!

xoxo JendaLynne Photography


  1. totally not ready for the holidays but so loving the decor all around lovely pic :)

  2. I know I am not either but the decor is beautiful oh and the music.