Nov 17, 2011

Thanksgiving Holiday.Where will you be?

We will be heading to Michigan to be with the family for Thanksgiving. I am so excited because we haven't been back home with our family since 2008 I believe. We have been in Virginia for all our holidays. Even Christmas. It's rough because it's just me & my husband with no kids. We go all out for Thanksgiving to make it feel like we are at home. I am over the moon to be with my family & have our quality time. Sitting around laughing, crying, smiling, joking, & everything else.

I miss these guys (My father & God son)
& these folks. (My mother, step father, niece, & nephew)


& these little monkeys (my nieces & me) I can be a kid with them!


& this little meanie head! ( my nephew)


So many more people I miss & I can't wait to see them!! :) My sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, & my puppy!!
What are you all doing for the Holidays?

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