Dec 18, 2011

2's a company | Nuckols' Family

This is my first family I shot with that was referred to me by another client. Let me just say I was nervous as all get out. Almost all of my clients have been people that I have known. Even if I have only talked to them a handful of times I still knew of them. Betty called me out of the blue one day wanting to set up a shoot for her "Christmas" photos. We joked about her being a little late on getting those out. We set a date & the deal was sealed. It was going to be her, Shan (hubby), J, C, & E. In order from oldest son to youngest daughter, with a daughter in the middle. I kept their names private out of respect for the family. Also you wont be meeting J, C, or E, for it was their parents wishes. I totally respect that. 
Without further adieu (had to google how to spell adieu not going to lie) haha

Shan & Betty

Shan & Betty have been together for 17 years & have 3 kids. 


Shan is in the USAF & has an amazing personality. Betty is super sweet & the cool hip mom. These two where so laid back.


Their love for one another showed through they way they look at each other. 



Shan didn't want to dance but his lady requested & he happily agreed! 


A fairy tale ending. 


Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Nuckols for letting me see into a little piece of your life. Your kids are wonderful & beautiful little people. 

Jenda XoXo

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