Dec 7, 2011

November | Loves & Loathes

(Sisterly love....all I need are my sisters & my life is complete! From R to L Samantha, me, Megan)

You know how you always have bad news with good news & everyone wants to know the bad news first well here we go! ;)

  • Driving to Michigan (It is so long a 12 hour drive) never thought i'd say this but i'd rather fly!
  • Junk food because you  know what they say a moment on the lips, forever on the hips! That's so true. 
  • Jealousy. The ugly green monster reared it's head! No fun!
  • Living 12 hours from my family.
  • Moving, packing, cleaning up your messy old apartment.
  • dropping off keys to your old apartment :(

  • Nutella ( I saw a huge jar of it & had to run the other way)
  • Pineapple Vita Coco mmmm if you've never had it your missing out!
  • Family time
  • Cuddling with my nieces while watching a movie
  • Christmas music (oh yea I am that guy!!)
  • UGGS (need I say more)
  • Family photo shoots
I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!!

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