Dec 19, 2011

Mundane Mondays.

I thought I would start a series called Mundane Mondays. I can catch you up on the week, things I found over the weekends, photos I may have taken over the week that I have not posted. Enjoy & I looks forward to seeing you every Monday! 

This past week has been good for me. We are settling in the new apartment & getting pictures hung. The only thing we need now is a couch. We have been with out one for some time now (a year) because we had a few incidents with our old one. We knew we'd be moving so just decided to wait so we didn't have to move a heavy couch. I don't want to bore you with a couch haha. Eventually we will buy one. This weekend we chilled out watched a Stephen King movie Thinner. That was pretty good, even though it was from back in the early 90's. Ate junk food (don't judge me) & watched football. Go Lions. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend & this week is easy on your nerves as it is the week before Christmas. 

Jenda XoXo

P.S. Here I am:)

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