Dec 30, 2011

My favorite photos of 2011 | photography

I took some time to go through my favorite photos to share with you all. It is pretty hard to pick my favorites since I love them all so much. I will add more when we get off Holiday. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them.

Tomb of the unknown soldier

This has to be my favorite picture EVER! This was taken in Arlington Cemetery at the changing of the guard. I recommend everyone visit this place at least once. 


Joe & Sarah's wedding day. This picture needs to explanation. The love is radiating off of them. 


Melanie's first triathlon in Richmond, Virginia. Triathlons are so inspiring. I was nervous about this since it was my first time shooting at one. I would love to be apart of another one.


Priscilla's white pony. When I shot with Priscilla she had 3 horses roaming the range. This one happened to love me. She was gorgeous.

Stack Major

Francis "Stacks" was my first shoot ever in Fredericksburg. I had an amazing time & he is awesome to work with. This is the Amtrak station downtown & I love this spot. 


Told you I loved this spot. Emily & Cody where expecting their first baby. Cody's mother asked me to shoot their maternity photos & I  happily agreed. I believe it was the hottest day of the year. Congrats to them both on their beautiful daughter.


Breathe taking Philadelphia buildings. We visited some friends in Jersey & wanted to visit the Love sign. The sun was setting & I captured this. 


I love love love this photo. Personally I think it belongs in a magazine! I love how the bar is in the background. Thomas & Brooke's wedding in October. I enjoyed this wedding so much. Very relaxed & laid back. So much love in the air.


Brady a spunky little one year old. He was such a ham & didn't want his photos taken. I even had toys & that was a no go. I ended up with this shot by sitting him down next to the chalk board & he got up to bolt for the rocks. 


My niece Reanna. She is so full of life & has her own little personality. She knows what she wants & does everything in a skirt! I had to get a shot of those two front teeth.

I hope you all have a safe New Years & embrace 2012 because baby it's here!! :)

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