Dec 27, 2011

Look back on our Christmas 2011 | Family

Me & hubby drove up to spend our Christmas with my family this year. I always love the 10 hour drive we have to make to get here :( just kidding! We have a tradition where we all (My mother's brother's, sister's, kids, & grand kids) go to my Aunt's house for a Christmas party.  My mother is 1 of 9 kids so there is a good amount of people there. We all bring a dish to pass & usually exchange gifts or ornaments. This year we chose ornaments to exchange. That was fun & hilarious. Also all the women & girls were given a pair of Christmas socks to wear if we didn't already have them on. I made Santa hats that I found on Pinterest. Hubby made pig in the blankets. My parents brought ham onion roll ups with cream cheese, a family favorite. 


Nate, Naoma, Mama, Michelle, & Randi. 
Brother & sisters. (Missing 3)


Hubby, Mama, & my little broham


Oh this little handsome devil is my nephew Ayden. 


Our ornament we where exchanging. Wolverines!!! GO BLUE!


My step father Virgil & my sister Megan.


Freddie & Leah
Cousin & 2nd Cousin


Grandma Joyce's homemade ornaments.


Everyone's favorite ornament from Grandma Joyce.


Clarisse making grandma Joyce's famous sugar candies. 
Cousin's daughter


Amanda & Michelle
Cousin & Aunt


It snowed when we left the party!! I love Michigan:)


Reanna my niece by grandma Traci's Christmas tree


How we ended our Christmas night! :)

Christmas Eve me & hubby spent it with my father & step mother. We open our gifts & eat dinner. We talk, laugh, joke, argue, & just plain have fun. All my brother's & sister's go over there & just spend time together.This year I didn't grab any photos because I wanted to relax & help clean. My brother Aaron spent his first Christmas with us EVER! I was so happy he came. He is adopted out to an amazing family & usually is with them. This year he came to have dinner & just hang out. 

My photos from my iPhone 4. 
Christmas socks!!

Santa Hats
Brownie bite topped with vanilla frosting & a strawberry. 

Nutter butter bars, white candy melts, M&M's, tic tacs, & vanilla frosting dyed black. 
I brought these cute little guys to my father's house for Christmas Eve dinner.

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday! 
Be safe & enjoy your New  Year. Do you have any resolutions for 2012 or are you opting out?


  1. Lovely family, great pictures and awesome photography. :)

  2. I think my favorite shot is the Christmas ornament with the lights in the back, it came out beautiful.

  3. Thanks everyone:)

    Unknown Mami yes I love that one also!

  4. Looks like it was a wonderful Christmas Party! I adore the Christmas Socks! Stopping by from SITS

  5. I loooooooove Christmas photos! Looks like a blessed time! xoxo

  6. Thanks Lesley! :) I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

    Monique it was a very blessed time. Thanks.

  7. Looks like a very fun time for you and your family. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have a big family that gets together. We had a very nice Christmas too. Haven't thought about my New Year's Resolutions yet except for one: in good weather, pick the first parking spot I see.

    Found you through SITS--Happy New Year.

    1. Some awesome photos there guys. Great work. I love your blog.