Dec 18, 2011

Woods & Sunsets | Mommy & Son

Nanu & I have been friends since 9th grade. When I found out she was pregnant with her son I was so excited for her. I knew she would make a great mother. Nanu is funny & loves to have a great time were ever she goes. When I came to find out her sister Erica had a son also, I was more thrilled then ever. When we went home to Michigan she had asked to get a few shots of her son & her. I offered to do a Christmas shoot for her mother. Get all her children & grandchildren together & take a nice photo to frame for her. Nanu loved the idea, at the time. When we read the forecast it said a high of 60's & partly sunny. We should have known that was not going to be the case because we are in Michigan!

We met at a well known park in Holland, MI named Kollen Park. It was freezing & windy. The shots we did get I was super happy with.

Above [ Nanu, her son, Erica, her son]






Thank you Nanu & cutie pie for letting me work with you! I had an amazing time & look forward to our Spring shoot. 

Jenda xoxo

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