Dec 15, 2011

Christmas is 10 days away?! ALREADY!

Oh boy, it's that time of year again. I seriously can't believe that 2011 is gone already! I remember saying it's only January 2011. This year has seriously just flown by. It's had it's ups & downs. I am going to post my "wish" list below as far as my photography goes. It is stuff I have been wanting a while & might get later in the year of 2012. They are pricey but worth it to invest in. Enjoy loves.

Shoot Sac
I actually learned of this bag through Jasmine Star. It's a shoulder bag. Which comes in handy when you 
are at weddings & shoots that are very active as far as getting up & down from the ground. 
shoot sac

24mm Nikkor Lens
I have had my eye on this lens for EVER! I was thinking of renting it to see how I would like it. I have spoken
to a few photographers about it & this is by far most of their favorites. 

EOS 5D Mark II
Hi Mark! :) I know shocker! I am a Nikon chick butttt I have been thinking lately that I want to try out the Canon & who says you can't have both? Hmmm?
5d mark II

 I hope you all have a great weekend. Happy Friday!!! 


  1. very cool shoot sack!!! I was gonna say typo! Canon lol Happy Friday!

  2. Happy Friday Amiga!! I know haha sac! I thought the same thing.