Dec 12, 2011

Finally all moved in & unpacked!

Hello my loves. We are finally all moved in & unpacked. The only thing left to do is hang pictures & get things arranged (how i'd like!) :) It took us a full 5 days to move in! That is how much crap we have accumulated over 2 years. Terrible I know I know! I can't part with things. I think I am becoming a hoarder ok maybe not to that extreme but I hate letting things go. I fear I may need them some day! I need to make a new rule if I haven't used it in over a year GONE! The husband likes to keep electronics ughhhh which takes up a lot of room! 

Anyway we are all cozy except no cable! Direct TV has been a hassle. First they wanted to charge me $150 to install a sled mount to hold the dish up! What?? I already paid you $100 to move me! Mind you it was only across the street mmhm! So they guy was like I will come back. Fine he came back later alright! At 6pm on a Friday night!!! WOW really? It was already dark out & freezing. So then he couldn't get signal. He was trying to explain to me how much percent we had to have and the signal had to be at. Honestly I don't care just hook it up already by that point I was upset. Trees that had NO leaves on it were blocking the signal! Hmmm ok. His supervisor got on the phone & was like I will be out tomorrow to give you a second opinion at 8am. I am think greattttttt :) (NOT) 

Guess what he never showed up! Yea that's right!! So much for making our move EASY Direct TV! I call & ask why he never came, they say he did! They tell me a tech will call me to confirm for an appointment. 10 minutes later they call to tell me that Thursday is the earliest date! REALLY? So let me recap here for you:

1. Charging me to move a few feet away 
2. Charging me to secure my dish
3. Coming back late
4. Can't find a signal
5. Not showing up on time
6. 3 day waiting period

So far so bad!!! Thursday comes & the gentlemen shows up at 830am sharp! Good I say maybe i'll get some answers. He doesn't even take anything out but a signal reader. He says NOPE no can do! GREATTTT now what?

Direct TV gave me a refund on all my money & we no longer have cable service through them! 

If you made it through all that yay!!  We plan on going back to Comcast for our services. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend & are getting ready for the Holidays. :)


  1. ugh the worst! the ultimate worst. Time Warner is no better. good luck girl!

  2. Thanks lol Yea they said for us to get Cox but I heard bad stuff about them as well!! :(